OfficeOne Animations

OfficeOne Animations 2.4

Animation effects for everyday use in your PowerPoint presentations
2.4 (See all)

OfficeOne Animations adds over 50 sophisticated and subtle animation effects for everyday use in your PowerPoint presentations.
The easy to use OfficeOne Animations add-in, gets loaded directly into PowerPoint adding its own top-level menu from where you can access the new animation effects.

The animation options like Timings, Repeat, Triggers, Sound, After animation settings, etc. are configurable through PowerPoint's user interface.
In addition to these control options, OfficeOne Animations provides more control over the behavior of its animations.

- Animations on multiple shapes - each shape animates after other in a sequence. Looping animations across multiple shapes on a slide is now possible with OfficeOne Animations.
- Subtle animations for everyday use.
- Over 50 PowerPoint animations available.
- Play the effects within PowerPoint itself. No external viewer required.
- After applying OfficeOne Animations effects, animations can play even on computers that do not have OfficeOne Animations installed on it.
- Automatic transitions after animations are complete. See AutoTransitions feature for more information.
- Easy to use.

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